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The standard Gerchamp BMS is a leading high-end product in the industry. The system has the characteristics of advanced technology, complete functions, complete configuration, stable and reliable, and strong anti-interference. The main functions are real-time online monitoring of battery parameters and tracking and analysis of battery thermal runaway, and timely warning of the risk of battery thermal runaway to ensure safe battery operation.

Product Components


One BattLink can monitor the voltage, internal resistance and negative pole temperature of a single battery to provide continuous 24/7 monitoring of your battery infrastructure.


One module with an additional CT per battery string will intelligently analyze thermal runaway trends and effectively produce alarms for battery thermal runaway.


One module with an additional CT per battery string will monitor the charge/discharge current and ambient temperature of a string.


It can manage up to six groups of batteries, each group has a maximum of 300, and the total number is up to 960, with display and buttons.



Item Range Accuracy
Total voltage 20~800V ±0.5%
Cell voltage 2V、6V、12V ±1%
Cell internal resistance 50~65535uΩ ±2% Resolution 1uΩ
Temperature -5℃~+99.9℃ ±1℃
Charge and discharge current 0~1000A (Standard) ±1%
Float current ±2000mA ±1%

Main Functions

No. Description
1 Gerchamp high-end products, designed for the most important backup power supply
2 Each module monitors a battery, monitors voltage, internal resistance and negative electrode temperature, in line with ANSI/TIA-942 standard requirements
3 Early warning of battery thermal runaway, timely detection of potential hazards
4 Intelligent data collection technology to achieve rapid update of big data
5 Using advanced power consumption reduction technology, working current as low as 3mA


Batt Link / Sensor Link can be installed directly on the battery cases or install on the fixing strip

Nexus : Install on 19-inch cabinet or battery rack

Order Reference

Model specification Full name Description
QS-BL-02 Battlink 2V 2V battery
QS-BL-06 Battlink 6V 6V battery
QS-BL-12 Battlink 12V 12V battery
QS-N Nexus Read, analyze and display data
QS-SL Sensor Link Intelligent thermal runaway analysis

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