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As a per battery unit, the BattLink is a module that can monitor voltage, internal resistance, and temperature with detailed reporting to the Gerchamp Nexus.

Distributed single module architecture design
Cell voltage monitoring
Cell internal resistance monitoring
Cell temperature monitoring
Intelligent voltage balance
UART communication interface
MODBUS/RTU protocol

Product Components


One BattLink can monitor the voltage, internal resistance and negative pole temperature of a single battery to provide continuous 24/7 monitoring of your battery infrastructure.


One module with an additional CT per battery string will intelligently analyze thermal runaway trends and effectively produce alarms for battery thermal runaway.


One module with an additional CT per battery string will monitor the charge/discharge current and ambient temperature of a string.


It can manage up to six groups of batteries, each group has a maximum of 300, and the total number is up to 960, with display and buttons.

Modules For Any Battery

2V, 6V, 12V? We've got you covered...

BattLink modules come in a variety of versions that can support a variety of battery types. The most typical installation configurations involve modules designed to support 2V, 6V, or 12V batteries.

Support for LA, NiZn, Li-ion, and more...

BattLink modules can be built to spec to support a wide variety of battery types and hardware while still providing the mission critical 24/7 monitoring features that you need.

Battery Health Indicators

The BattLink module monitors a variety of battery health indicators of a given battery and reports back to the Nexus module. When combined with the other modules of the battery monitoring system, it ensures uptime with 24/7 monitoring of batteries in all applications.

Cell Internal Resistance

Cell Temperatures

Cell Voltage

Design and Appearance

BattLink Module Appearance

Name Description
Battery Port Connect to the positive and negative poles of the battery. Red test cable connects to the positive pole and the black connects to the negative pole
Communication Port UART port, dual-channel, internal parallel connection, cascade between modules and connect control modules.
Indicator Lights There is a two-color indicator light that indicates four things based on the below presentation.


The module is powered on.


There is a module hardware fault/an abnormal internal resistance test.


The internal resistance is normal.


The communication is normal.

Battery Port

Pin Definition Description
1 T Temperature acquisition port
2 V+ Voltage positive pole acquisition port
3 R+ Internal resistance positive pole acquisition port
4 T Temperature acquisition port
5 V- Voltage negative pole acquisition port
6 R- Internal resistance negative pole acquisition port

Communication Ports
COM1 and COM2 are in internal parallel

Pin Definition Description
1 GND Signal ground
2 RX UART receive
3 TX UART send
4 GND Signal ground

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