We are a global Battery Management System company.

“  Providing a secure and effective solution to our customers is our first priority. To achieve this we have partnered with some of the best names in the industry on various projects in data centers around the world.  ”

–  President and CEO

Gerchamp BMS

Gerchamp is a battery monitoring systems manufacturer and seller with our North American headquarters in Katy, Texas, USA. Globally, we have been in business for many years, servicing the needs of clients all over the world. Virtually all of the biggest brands in data centers, communications, transportations, and technology have worked with us and use our products daily. We are proud of our products. We follow ISO 9001 manufacturing management guidelines and standards.

At Gerchamp, battery monitoring and management is all we do. We are leading the way with research and patents, so you don't have to. Our designs are on the basis of IEEE1491TM-IEEE guide for selection and use of battery monitoring equipment in stationary applications and IEEE 1188-IEEE recommended practices for maintenance, testing, and replacement of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries for stationary application. We also have many other products and projects that have met the needs of clients on every continent.

Professionalism, specificity, refinement, and particularity have been the keys to our global success.

An efficient company for a renewable tomorrow...

Our company follows ISO9001 standards with technologies we developed in-house by our teams around the world. Our research has allowed us to build a portfolio of over 30 patents with additional software copyrights. In some markets, we offer our state of the art online battery monitoring systems software combined with supporting hardware. Everything we sell is produced by us with our teams around the world.

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